2021 Art Shows


2021 Virtual Holiday Show
& Small Works Sale

Open Now for Submissions
December 2021 and January 2022
Judge: William Fillmore


2021 Summer
Virtual Art Show

July and August
Judge: Anne Manzella

Best in Show

The Idyllic Waterfall by Karen Woodin


Judge’s Circle Awards

1st Place

Boats by Amy Ji


2nd Place

Be Right Back by Pam Agan-Smith


3rd Place

Happy Place by Barb Lennox


Honorable Mention

Red Jacket by Ruth Crotty

Good Vibes by Richard Ruotolo

Visions of Equality by Robert Whelan

Escape by Kristin Woodward

Spring Fling by Lynda Spielman

Sifnos Siesta by Barbara Mullin



Main Category Awards

1st Place

Whipple Bridge by Shelly Nevard


2nd Place

Blooming Pink by Meggie Carson


3rd Place

Leaf Capture by Mary Ann Van Alstyne


Honorable Mention

Helderberg Farm by Frederick Holman

Lake George by Debbie Shaw

Tanquility by Susan Ahearn

Hummingbird Visists the Zinnia Zone by Gregory Smith

Serendipitous by Ellie Prakken

Ogonquit by Linda Romano-Hobbs


2021 Pruyn House
Virtual Art Show

April and May
Judge: Colleen Connolly

Best in Show

Market in Paris by Douglas Levey


1st Place

Zulu Potter by Timothy Lederach


2nd Place

River Rocks by Susan Himmel


3rd Place

Mohawk River Sunrise by Susan Barczak

Sangria, Anyone by Pat Ryan


Honorable Mention

Fantasy Garden by Ginger Lafreniere

Hudson Valley Sunset by Ruth Crotty

This Girl’s Mask by Pam Agan-Smith

Coastal Maine by Karen Woodin

Free Fall by Mary Ann Van Alstyne

Simeon’s Gift by Ellen Hughes