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50 Fantastic Pieces This Year!

35. Dog Day Afternoon

oil painting by Fred Holman

Thank you to all the incredible artists who participated and to all the volunteers.

Special thanks to the Guilderland Public Library. 

Exhibit Co-Chairs:

Pam Agan-Smith or


Lee York 518-772-0859


Desktop Computer View

Click on an image to see the larger image gallery. Then click side arrows < > next to each image to move forward and backward through the gallery. Click on the double arrows located in the upper left section of the screen to view that image at Full Screen. Click on curved arrow to share image on social media. Click the BIG X in the upper right corner to close the large gallery.

Mobile Device View

Scroll to view the gallery. Click on an image to view image then swipe left or right to move through the gallery of images.

Contact one of the exhibit co-chairs if interested in purchasing artwork.

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