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Welcome to our

2020 Holiday Show


This online exhibit will be on display from

December 1, 2020 to January 31, 2021

The Annual Holiday Show is an exciting time for us and our members. We have some amazing art submitted this year.


Artists entered a total of 74 entries in four categories.

Scroll down to view the art gallery or click one of the links below to go directly to that particular category.

Paint on Canvas

Paint on Paper



Judge’s Circle

1st Place - 9. Special Delivery by Ned Lacy (Paint on Canvas)

2nd Place - 19. March Sunrise by Susan Barczak (Paint on Paper)

3rd Place - 15. Looking Pretty by Robert Francis Whelan (Paint on Canvas)


Honorable Mentions

2. Woman from Langa, South Africa by Margaret Carrick

(Painton Canvas)

13. Ocean Dreams by Lynn Couey (Paint on Paper)

6. Continuum by Ellie Prakken (Other)


Emerging Artist Award

10. The Eye Has To Travel by Barb Lennox (Paint on Paper)

We would like to thank Takeyce Walter, contemporary painter
and instructor, for the difficult job of (virtually) judging all the artwork submitted into the Holiday Show.
Category awards are now listed before each category.

There are 14 Emerging Artists in the Holiday Show this year.

Emerging Artists are indicated with an asterisk "*" by their name.

A big warm welcome to 15 new Colonie Art League members.


the small
works sale

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NOTE: Information On Buying Artwork
Interested buyers MUST contact the artist directly.

Much of the artwork is for sale. Click on any image below to open the slideshow and view artist contact information. Some artwork may already be framed. Buyer will need to make arrangements with the artist to pickup the artwork or have it shipped. Buyers assume responsibility for shipping costs if necessary.

Scroll Down to View the Holiday Show Art Gallery.

Click on any image below to view the full size slideshow.

Click on the artist featured name to contact the artist.

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Happy Holidays!

Thank you for your support.


Paint on Canvas

Artists featured: 

1. Bob Blackmon 2. Margaret Carrick 3. Deb Carpenter 4. Ruth Crotty 5. Dee Foley 6. Vince Forte

7. Frederick Holman 8. Ellen Hughes 9. Ned Lacy 10. Douglas Levey 11. Carolyn Martel 12. Brigid O’Brien

13. Lynda Spielman 14. Lesleigh Walsh 15. Robert Francis Whelan 16. Lee York 17. Karen A. Zimmers

18. William Daisak 19. Noreen Powell 20. Pamela Coutchie 21. James Mise 22. Jill Murphy

23. Janet Shaughnessey 24. Thomas P. Welcome 25. Alice Gilbert 26. Criss Macaione-Bilodeau


1st Place - 21. Nighttime by James Mise

2nd Place - 7. Misty Morning by Frederick Holman

3rd Place - 5. Hyde Hall Covered Bridge by Dee Foley

Honorable Mention - 23. Nora, The Wolf Hound by Janet Shaughnessy


Paint on Paper

Artists featured: 

1. Linda Brekka 2. Marion Greenberg 3. Christine Lally 4. Tim Lederach 5. Elizabeth Lee

6. Lawrence McArthur 7. Sharon Pape 8. Emily Ravida 9. Shelly Nevard 10. Barb Lennox 11. Anna Stoliker

12. Lynne Kaiser 13. Lynn Couey 14. Susan Lunow 15. Barbara Danowski 16. Doreen Alexander

17. Lynn Huntington 18. Shirley Gordon 19. Susan Barczak 20. Anita D Schermerhorn 21. Kristin Woodward


1st Place - 21. Quiet Cove by Kristin Woodward

2nd Place - 4. Dinner with Crab by Tim Lederach

3rd Place - 9. First Snow by Shelly Nevard

Honorable Mention - 7. Purrr-fectly Happy by Sharon Pape



Artists featured: 

1. Pam Agan-Smith 2. Meggie Carson 3. Patricia Byrne Varcasia 4. Mary Ann van Alstyne

5. Mary Sherwood 6. Barbara Via 7. Nettye Lamkay 8. Lew Millenbach 9. Chick Owens 10. Christina Spencer


1st Place - 2. Sunset by Meggie Carson

2nd Place - 4. Sinking Light by Mary Ann van Alstyne

3rd Place - 9. The Face of It by Chick Owens

Honorable Mention - 1. The Crystal Dish by Pam Agan-Smith



Artists featured: 

1. Diane L. Campion 2. Rose Knightly 3. Marthanne B. Linacre 4. Ginger LaFreniere

5. Linda Romano-Hobbs 6. Ellie Prakken 7. Debbie Shaw 8. Richard Ruotolo 9. John R. Teevan III

10. Marjorie Ward 11. Richard O’Donnell 12. Thomas O’Toole 13. Gretchen Hathaway

14. Susan Himmel 15. Jean Reiter 16. Laurel-Le Lipski 17. Megan Ruch


1st Place - 3. Frozen Bubble 8189 by Marthanne B. Linacre

2nd Place - 17. Summer Fun in the Cape by Megan Ruch

3rd Place - 4. Watching the Pond by Ginger LaFreniere

Honorable Mention - 10. Summer Bouquet by Marjorie Ward

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