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2017 Town Hall Art Show:

1st Place - Ned Lacy "Crashing Snow"

2nd Place - Kris Woodward "Passing Storm"

3rd Place - Susan Coon "An Officer and a Dad"


Honorable Mention - Mary Sherwood "Face Time"

Pruyn House Art Show

Adjudication of CAL Member Show at the Pruyn House 2017 by Tom Myott

Thank you for the opportunity to judge the artwork submitted to the 2017 CAL members show at the Pruyn House. The work was exceptional. As an art educator and professional artist I viewed the works keeping the following criteria in mind as I chose the award winners: Composition, color, technique, use of light, command of the medium and capturing the essence of the subject matter. It was very difficult to choose based on the quality of the work. As any juror will attest , there is a certain amount of subjectivity in choosing award winners and best in show. I hope my comments will shed some illumination on my choices.


Best of Show

#34 - Anitta DeVanandan "Autumn Shimmer" - I found myself mentally wandering through this narrative landscape. The cool, muted, blue hues in the background create a wonderful sense of depth in contrast to the more vibrant orange leaves in the foreground. The soft application of medium suggests a light wind. The strong, warm sunlight light creates deep, rich, shadows. I could truly sense the density of the forest on the left. The repetition of dark tree trunks strengthened the design of the composition. The variety of different colors used in on the ground was sophisticated and inspiring. I kept coming back to look at this work of art. This work of art embodies the overall essence of what draws viewers in to take a closer look at art. Fabulous!

First Place

#16 Fred Holman "Waiting for the Slutty Nun" - The story behind the title of this work is as interesting as the work itself. I was intrigued by the scene at first. I could sense the slouched gesture of the figures carrying the weight of their belongings, while waiting patiently in line. The artist captured the sense of light marvelously. My eyes then drawn to the focal point of the white counter space between the two dark figures in the front of the line. Loose, but calculated strokes of color capture an impressionistic feel of clothing, walls and floor. Leaving bits of the underpainting showing through added a sophistication and and stylistic elegance to the painterly technique.

Second Place

#13 Cindi Handy "Autumn Gold" Exquisite technical expertise. The smooth, consistent application of the subtle blue/purple hue of the water is commendable. The painstaking detail of each leaf in the foreground was intense. The use of thirds in a composition was very strong.

Third Place

#38 Nettye Lamkay " Winter Sunset Carmel" - Exceptionaltechnical skill, the subtle color changes, application of medium,understanding of light, realistic feel of the clouds. I felt thetemperature and weather conditions and time of day!



Honorable Mention (in no particular order)

# 31 Jill Murphy "River's Edge"- Lush, rich color. The entire composition is intense. My eyes explored the entire landscape and investigated the vibrant yellow flowers in the foreground.

#52 Tim Lederach "Mekong Siesta" - Technical skill is impressive. Specifically, the worn textures and convincing light on the underside of the boats. I was also drawn to the focal point of the two figures cloaked in red. Peoples Choice as well!

#47 Bev Braun "Copper Glow" - Strong composition, complementary color scheme of blues and oranges, rich textures, intriguing use of lines, shapes, colors and textures, I found myself exploring the tiniest details, lost and found edges.